Victoria Beckham Plum-ing it Out

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victoria beckham coat

She can rock a plum colored coat like no other…

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Love everything about this.

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Chic Guessing: Contrast Sleeve Trench

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leather sleeve trench

We know, we know, the resemblance is uncanny.  Can you guess which trench is for $168 and which is for $450???

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January Jones Smokey Eye

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chanel eye makeup

Thanks to InStyle for always giving us the insider info on celebrity looks, and since we’ve been dying to re-create Ms. Jones look after spotting her on the red  carpet, we knew they could help.  We love any alternative to the black smokey eye, and this deep navy twist is right down our alley.  Goodwin, Jones’ makeup artist, used CHANEL ILLUSION D’OMBRE LONG WEAR LUMINOUS EYESHADOW in Apparition ($36), a rich Oxford blue. “I applied the shadow on top, blending it softly into the lash line and crease, then extended it out toward the hairline in a dramatic sweep,” she said. A black liner was added to define Jones’s top and bottom lashes, then smudge, with a soft tapered brush.  Try.  It.  Now.

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Chic Interview: Soraya Bakhtiar

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It’s been a while since we’ve last interviewed a fashionista, and we feel like we’ve chosen just the right person to break our dry spell. Soraya Bakhtiar, an Iranian/Egyptian who resides in Switzerland has the perfect mixture of eclectic cultures, taste, and fashion know how to fit our chic bill. Her blog is so addictive, we’re sure you will be going back for more once you get a taste of her stylish sensibility

soraya bakhtiar 

Chic Intuition:  We have to start off by saying we were quite impressed with your resume. At just 23 you’ve already conquered the blogosphere while finishing off a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. You’ve stated that your ultimate goal is to become a Fashion Editor, how and when did this love for everything style become?

Soraya:  For as long as I can remember. Growing up I was real girly girl and I always had an interest for fashion. Also, I must say that I was lucky enough to be surrounded by many creative personalities in my family and surrounding, which inevitably made me realize that I wanted to be part of it “when I grew up”. I had another blog for two years and shut it down to started my own eponymous blog in May 2012 and decided to put myself forward. Since I’ve moved to London my style really evolved and I feel much more daring today. I’m not scared of mixing prints and textures anymore. Maybe someday I hope to be a fashion or accessories editor, I really enjoyed the experience I had when I worked in magazines like TANK and ELLE UK, but we’ll see – I’m keeping my options open because so far, I never thought that my blog would take me on such an incredible journey.

Chic Intuition:   Anyone that follows your blog knows you have a killer wardrobe (cc: your Givenchy boots #killer). Do you usually plan out your seasonal wardrobe with a must have list or just build it as you go along?

Soraya:  It really depends. Usually I spot key pieces off the runway during fashion week and I know I need to chase them i.e GIVENCHY BOOTS. Otherwise, I just go with the flow and my current cravings and inspiration.

Chic Intuition:   That leads us to our next cliche (but we gotta ask) question. If your house was burning down (God forbid) what 3 items would you grab from your wardrobe and why?

Soraya:  Wow! That’s really a tough one. Honestly, I’m not sure that I would grab things from my wardrobe, because at the end of the day they’re just clothes and you don’t take it with you as they say. I would rather save some sentimental objects like my watch that I received for my 20th birthday (or my Birkin bag), my teddy bear that I’ve had since I was born and some family photo albums. These things are priceless.

Chic Intuition:   Who is your fave fashion designer and why?

Soraya:  I love Alexander Wang for introducing the whole downtown sporty cool look and Phoebe Philo at Celine for her minimalism elegance.

Chic Intuition:   If you hadn’t taken a path in fashion, what other career path would you see yourself in?

Soraya:  I would say a children therapist because I love children and I have a major in Psychology.

Chic Intuition:   From one blogger to another, we know it’s a pretty hectic life to live that needs a ton of dedication. What advice would you give an aspiring blogger?

Soraya:  Be true to yourself and find your niche. Every blogger has their own “specialty” whether it’s stacking up jewelry, mixing prints and textures, or vintage clothes. The sky is the limit.

Chic Intuition:   We all have a little selfish spot where we discover an unknown fashion brand that we keep to ourselves for a while and hope and pray that no one will discover it. Now it’s your time to spill. Fill in the blank: My fave little kept secret I love are clothes by ________.

Soraya:  I never keep secrets but my newest crush is Three Floor.

Chic Intuition:   What was your proudest fashion moment this year?

Every day is a proud moment as I get so much positive feedback but if I had to pick one, it would probably be my photo shoot/ feature in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in October.

Chic Intuition:   Philosophical question time: to nail art or not to nail art?

Soraya:  Not to nail art. Unless it’s for a special occasion. I usually find nail art quite tacky. I’m more traditional when it comes to my nails, I like them short and glossy. No matte or glitter finish.

soraya bakhtiar2


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