We are two friends on opposite sides of the globe that constantly monitor the latest fashion concoctions. Our mix of Arabesque backgrounds and Western educations only add to our charm :). And since the Internet seems to be the easiest freebie access forum, we decided to put our stylish senses to good use.

Chic Intuition is a virtual fashion mag-gallery. Yes, we said it, and yes it’s a word in our dictionary. We basically save you the hassle of sorting through all those other sites, magazines, and shows by providing our readers with up to date tips, tricks, and fashion picks. If you are interested in what bag Nicole was carrying, we’ve got you covered. Who’s that dress by? We’ll tell you. What’s up with the patent clothing trend? Who knows? Seriously, what IS up with that?

So be prepared to join something BIG: the start of the style revolution.  Are you ready to get your chic on?


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