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May 24, 2010 | Tags: Chic Interview 

Our next interviewee is bad-ass without the attitude, edgy with a twist of girlish demure.  Christine resides in LA (doesn’t it seem like all stylish bloggers do?) but her loyal fans are from every corner of the globe.  She has a degree in fashion, styles, designs, and recently launched her own brand!  Talk about an impressive resume for this 25 year old.  Check out what she had to say to Chic Intuition and then strut on over to her blog.

Chic Intuition: You do a little styling and designing here and there.  Talk about a dream job.  How’d you get into it?
Chris: I studied at a 2 year fashion design school straight out of high school and got a design job right when I graduated.  So at 20, I started my design career.  Now that I’m 25, I’m venturing into focusing on my own brands such as UNIF (I run with with my boyfriend Eric) and PlayMe Jeans (I own with Eric and my friend Tom from Joyrich)  Styling is something I absolutely love but isn’t really my focus.  I usually get referred to a job and am always down to do it!

Chic Intuition: Seems like you love vintage/flee market shopping.  What’s your FAVE purchase to date?
Chris: Ooo..that is going to be a tough decision since 75% of my wardrobe is vintage.  I  guess my most recent fave flea market purchase is a camo marijuana t-shirt I got last week at the Rose Bowl flea market!

Chic Intuition: We have something in common: our obsession with the Wangster.  We know what we love about him, but why don’t you shower our readers with a little Top 5 Reasons I Heart Alexander?

1.  He’s young so his fresh take on simple designs comes so naturally and un-contrived.

2.  Obviously, I love him because he is brutally talented in knowing what looks good.  He’s one of the few designers where I can look at the whole collection and “get” why he does each piece.  He is so on point.

3.  I appreciate his ability to make fashion forward items that are still basic enough to appeal to a wide audience.  His stuff is so wearable and likable because he doesn’t get too crazy and avant-garde.  Sometimes designs get so overwhelming that it ends up not being wearable or affordable.

4.  The ingenious ways he plays with texture…like making leather look like denim or mixing french terry with mesh or corduroy with leather. The list goes on but I really do appreciate his play on textures.

5.  He is SUPER nice and sweet when I met him once.

Chic Intuition: What was the best thing to have happened to you as a result of blogging?
Chris: The best thing to come out of the blog is  me actually being motivated to document my interests/outfits/inspirations from this time in my life.  Before the blog I was carelessly living without archiving/documenting anything and it got me scared that I would forget when I become an old lady!!

Chic Intuition: Name 3 items you’ve been eying as your next fashion purchases for summer.
Chris: I’ve been on a mad woman hunt for the perfect tan/nude platforms, a sheer nude over-sized button up, and a light weight sheer trench.  Lots of sheer, I know!

Chic Intuition: Tell us a little about Play Me Jeans.
Chris: PlayMe Jeans is a bottoms brand I launched in Feb with Eric and friend Tom from Joyrich.  We will be in stores July.  Some online retailers will include Karmaloop, NastyGal, and Revolve Clothing.  Check out the styles at:!

Chic Intuition: How in the world do you get your hair to have that perfect beachy wave look?!  Jealous!
Chris: Lol…I have a digital perm.  Sounds weird and tech-y but apparently it’s just a less abrasive way to get a wave perm.  It makes my life so easy; my hair is a wash n’ go situation!

Chic Intuition: Philosophical question time: how many Wang bags are too many to own?
Chris: As long as you like something and have the means to buy it, there should be no limit!  If I could afford to, I would buy many more Wang bags! :)

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.



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  1. bruna on May 25th, 2010 2:58 am

    I love your blog! =)

  2. Natalia on May 25th, 2010 11:52 am

    She’s frickin awesome….and i’m pretty sure i’m gettin a digital perm!

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