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May 10, 2010 | Tags: Chic Interview 

Since we were on quite a Chic Interview dry spell, we’ve lined up a number of amazing bloggers for the next couple of weeks, and we’re sure their stylish greatness will erase any grudges we had for our shortcomings.  Our next blogger, Aimee Song, is one we’ve been following for a while.  Turns out she reciprocates the love.  What a small cyberworld we live in.  Hailing from San Fran, this 23 year old is the definition of Beautiful Blogger.  Read on for some fun and then pay her a visit.

Chic Intuition: We just have to start off by stating that you are gorge! (that’s Chic for gorgeous).  What’s your beauty regime?
Aimee: Thank you! Because I have sensitive skin, I avoid putting too much make up on. I only draw my eyebrows and wear blush. When I go out, I’ll put eyeliner on. I take showers daily at night and remove my make up with Aveeno Cleanser and after the shower dab on Lush’s Dream Cream, which is all natural so it doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin plus it keeps it very moisturized. If I every have dry spots, I’ll dab on Aquaphor on  my skin.

Chic Intuition: You seem to have a lot of friends in the blogosphere.  Did you meet after you started Song of Style, or did the clique form through a cyberspace connection?
Aimee: I met all of my blog friends after I started Song of Style. It’s amazing how many stylish bloggers that are actually really nice and friendly that live in San Francisco. Although I haven’t become friends with every blogger I met, the ones that I did become friends with are so amazing that I’ll probably have them for life.

Chic Intuition: You have a jewelry collection that would cause envy in any stylish girl.  What’s your fave piece and why?
Aimee: Most of my favorite pieces are ones I’ve gotten from my grandmother. There is this one gold snake bracelet I used to wear everyday until I broke it, so now I have replaced it with a similar version of Kenneth Jay Lane’s panther bracelet I found at the Fairfax Flea Market. My citizen watch which I have also gotten from my grandma is my other favorite.

Chic Intuition: We have something in common, you study interior architecture, one of us at CI is an architect.  What do you think the connection between architecture and fashion is?
Aimee: Oh wow, that’s amazing that one of u guys are an architect! Well, both in architecture and fashion, most of the time we try to create a comfortable yet inspiring experience for people. We deal with structure and shape and both architecture and fashion tell the social background of its inhabitants. I think I’m noticing the connection a lot more nowadays especially in interior design and fashion as both deal with fabrics.

Chic Intuition: Would you choose comfort over style or the opposite?
Aimee: Both are very important for me. I probably sacrifice both to a certain extent. I’ll never wear painful kitten heels in the hills of San Francisco but I do wear platform heels or wedges even if they aren’t as comfortable as tennis shoes. However, no matter how lazy and sick I am, I will never wear sweatpants. There is a reason why Fashion Gods created leggings.

Chic Intuition: And finally, philosophical question time: how designer is too designer?
Aimee: Let’s just say if you drive a car with Gucci logos all around the interior, umm that’ll be too designer.

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6 Responses to “Chic Interview: Song of Style”

  1. delmy on May 10th, 2010 11:17 pm

    She has a great blog. I love her!

  2. La Dessinatrice on May 11th, 2010 1:34 am

    Wow, I started blogging because up until recently, I was totally immersed in my education. When I became acquainted with the fashion world I immediately saw a connection between it and architecture! I agree that both seek to create an experience, though sometimes a building isn’t representative of context, or careful of comfort; sometimes it is made uncomfortable, anonymous/cosmopolitan. To the CI member who is an architect, I would love to learn more about you (maybe a little interview?) if this ever gets to you, please e-mail me!

  3. Fee on May 11th, 2010 5:21 pm


  4. Lana Pribic on June 2nd, 2010 6:01 pm

    “However, no matter how lazy and sick I am, I will never wear sweatpants. There is a reason why Fashion Gods created leggings.”

    That is probably my new favourite fashion advice/quote!! aha

  5. cecylia on September 7th, 2010 12:31 am

    Thanks for posting the interview I’ve beena fan of Aimee for a while. Wish I lived in the States =P

    Little blgger girl hailing from Melbourne

  6. dany on May 13th, 2012 9:51 pm

    great blog post! love song of style’s pictures.

    xxo, dany

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