Ask Chic: Vanessa Hudgens’ Style

May 29, 2009 | Tags: Ask Chic 

Chic Reader Nikoline writes:

“Hi! I adore Vanessa Hudgen’s style and when I saw these outfits I thought they were so nice, but I don’t know what brand the clothes is or where the sandals are from! Please help me find it, or possibly something similar to it! I especially love the sandals!!”


Well Nikoline, just by looking at the image you sent, it’s difficult to identify Vanessa’s top.  However, we have previously been able to identify her purse and the sandals were a breeze.  These babies are the Twelfth Street Luella Wedge in Black and judging by how many times I spot them around town daily, they are definitely the IT-shoe of the summer.  If you want to recreate the look, just add an oversized black and white plaid shirt to these babies and you’re all set.  Hope this helps!



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