Stylish Crocs

June 29, 2008 | Tags: Chic Find 

Ok, I thought death would bestow its grace on me before I EVER said the words stylish and crocs in the same sentence. But believe me, there is one exception. The You by Crocs brand has a bit more, hmm, wearable (?) brand by the infamous label that created mushy foam for un-stylish feet. So how did I find out about the line? Thanks to my latest Glamour magazine, I found myself drooling over a pair of lace up sandals in gold. When I went to look at the brand, lo and behold, they were by the Crocs line. To be honest, after checking out the whole line online, these were the only pair that tickled my fancy. The Mykonos come in 5 colors, and I can’t decide which to get! (And no, all is not an option…)


*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.



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