Vita Feda Titan Bracelets

January 14, 2013 | Tags: Chic Find, Chic Obsessions, Chic Picks 

Vita Feda Titan Bracelets

Move over Hermes cuff, you’ve got competition! Bloggers, celebrities, and stylists galore have dubbed these Vita Fede Titan Bracelets the next big thing. Whether you are a fashionista or just a regular Joe Shmoe, if you’ve been anywhere near Instagram these days, then you have definitely seen these babies pop-up a few times on the popular feed. (follow us on Instagram!!! @chicintuition) Lucky for you we’ve found a gorgeous selection with a new precious stone-tipped option.  Check ’em out below and head over to Shopbop to see more. We can almost guarantee that with these babies people will ‘Remember the Titans”! (so corny we know but we couldn’t help it ;))

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