Tortoise Trend

January 24, 2011 | Tags: Celeb Chic, Chic Picks 

If you, like us, were in awe the moment you saw this picture then you know what we’re talking about. Catherine can do no wrong in our book. Her shades are always her number one accessory, and in this particular case they literally are just that, ‘number one‘.  With no further suspense, the shades she’s donning are by Karen Walker, and they are just glorious.  Can’t afford the $170 price tag?  Then why not try these or these babies?  Voila, problemo solved.

*Image courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.



4 Responses to “Tortoise Trend”

  1. Allywan on January 24th, 2011 5:41 pm

    She looks too cute!

  2. M on January 25th, 2011 11:30 am

    omg i WANT THOSE!

  3. Jiya on January 26th, 2011 7:31 pm

    She is christine centenera, isn’t she? yes she never does wrong and also I love her bare face look or no makeup at all..

  4. Bebe on February 4th, 2011 2:30 am

    I think you men christine. :)

    Shes always flawless. Love her.

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