Couture Beauty Fall 2012

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Premiere Princess: Emma Stone

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We know we know! We’re late on this one but I think we were still recovering from the shock. During the press rounds for The Amazing Spiderman we were wowed on a daily basis by Emma’s style choices that it may have been too much for our faint fashion-loving hearts to handle. This leading lady can do no wrong in the style department and has been featured many a times on our site here and here. We loved how each city had it’s own unique look and yet she stayed true to her Louboutins all the while. The woman went from goth, to lady-like, to modern, to pants!!!! Can she do no wrong? We think it’s more than safe to say so…

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Embellished Stems

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Ever since spotting the embellished pant look on Nicole Richie we haven’t been able to get it out of our minds. It really is the perfect way to take a simple blazer and top to a whole new level. ┬áThese Three Floor Finder’s Keepers Trousers instantly caught my attention when doing my usual internet window shopping that always turns into actual shopping… The look is definitely trendy in a less risky sort of way and the price tag is pretty darn reasonable. I can almost hear the sound of my credit card jumping out right about NOW!

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