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Summer Hairstyle Chic

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I’m about to travel to Greece in a few weeks, and knowing that humidity, heat and water aren’t good friends with my wavy roots, I’ve decided to stay on the lookout for chic hairstyles.  Thanks to we were able to stumble upon some of the perfect summer hairstyles.  They’re easy and don’t really need that much maintenance.  Best part?  They’re extremely chic.  Yaay!


*Images courtesy of  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Chloe Susan Boots for Less

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Remember these Chloe boots that had everyone going gaga on the blogosphere?  Feature after feature, from Sienna to Erin and back again, these booties were all the rage.  Chloe themselves even went on the reproduce them seasons after, and they still sell out each time theres a whisper of a release.  Too tight of a budget to grab a pair?  Then why not try this Jeffrey Campbell version.  Similar style, much friendlier on the wallet.  Happy Chic Shopping!

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Sans Pants…Chic or Not Chic?

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We’ve recently noticed the comeback of the sans pants trend with celebs and we’re not quite sure what to do with this one.  I mean, you need guts (and hot stems) to step out of the house with just a teeny blazer on.  We know that it’s celebs job to push the limits when it comes to fashion, but this one seems a bit too much for us.  If you wanna show off your hot bod then don a mini, but choosing to prance around with both your cleavage and thighs on display?  We’ll have to pass.  What do you think?


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Coincidence or Copy?

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Taking our usual stroll through the cyberworld we saw this Salvatore Ferregamo bag which we could’ve sworn was a Wang .  The weird thing is that we actually think the Italian mega fashion house created their design after the contemporary American brand.  What do you guys think?  Coincidence or Copy?

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