Top UK Trends

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I’ve been wanting to post about this since the moment I got back from my trip to the United Kingdom ten days ago, but my hectic schedule and getting back into the routine of things took awhile.  So yes ladies, I am now ready to indulge on the fashions across the pond.  I noticed that women in the UK love trends, and more so they enjoy donning them from head to toe.  Fashion faux pas?  Actually not.  The fact that they approach fashion and style with such ease and naturalism (the whole ‘I just rolled into my closet and came up with this’) excused the ‘don’t wear more than one trend at a time’ rule.  Take a look at the top trends I took note of in the United Kingdom and feel free to implement them on yourselves:

uk trends

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Happy Halloween!

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First Look: House of Harlow Shoes

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The first pictures of the House of Harlow shoe line are out and so far it looks so good.  What I like about the line is that it has a very cohesive vision and strong direction.  It’s obvious that Nicole Richie focused on a Hippie/Tribal Chic aesthetic for her line and she’s really sticking to it.  The shoes are a natural extension of her jewelry line full of hippie headbands and leather pieces.  We also have no doubt that the clothing line will have a similar feel.  Here’s to one celebrity whose designs are not a publicity stunt but a labor of love!  Bravo Nicole!  Can’t wait to see more!

nicole richie house of harlow shoes

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Mary Kate Olsen Chic

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mary kate olsen style

  1. Elizabeth and James Laurent Shirt
  2. Bop Basics Harem Pants
  3. Velvet Angels Naked Lunch T Strap Wedges
  4. Aqua Satin Boyfriend Blazer

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VOGUE’s Accessory Guide

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Need help knowing what’s in for Spring 2010?  Thanks to the geniuses over at VOGUE, they decided to make that task much easier on us by selecting the top accessories for the season.  The best part about it?  You can change your look without having to revamp your whole wardrobe.  We like.  They selected a total of 13 accessory trends to watch, but we decided to narrow them down to our fave four.  For the rest just click here.

spring accessories vogue

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