Hidden Wedges

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After seeing this snapshot of a pair of hot covered wedges, I just had to find a pair of my own.  What I love about them is that from far they give the impression of flat boots and yet I get to enjoy the extra height benefits.  Even Miss Richie herself is a fan of these babies.  If you’re also coveting them, check out these 8020 Jackie Pebble Leather Hidden Wedge Boots.  (Bonus: They’re on sale!)

*Image courtesy of jakandjil.com.  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

Top 5 Style Stars of 2008

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Rihanna- Best style… period!

Blake Lively- Best newcomer style. 

Nicole Richie- Best new mommy style.

Anne Hathaway- Best red carpet style.

Rachel Bilson- Best androgynous style.

*Images courtesy of justjared.com.  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

DIY Chic: Weight Gain Addition

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So now that the holidays are over, we know more than a few of us have added on a couple of pounds.  When your fave pair of jeans is a bit too snug for comfort, you have 2 choices: to loose the pounds (ha! easier said than done) or to hide them in the back of your closet (we’re talking about your jeans, not the extra weight).  Hold up, we here at Chic Intuition have actually seemed to find another solution, where you can lose the weight on your own time frame (aka food poisoning) and keep wearing your fave denim!  How you may ask?  Well we were browsing one of our fave blogs, remember Carolina who we interviewed a while back, we loved this image of her in these rockin’ leather lined jeans, and a light bulb went off.  DIY project!  So if you have any pairs of pants that you’d like to make grunge chic, here’s your answer.  I’m actually dropping my pair off at the seamstress now (weight gain and laziness come hand in hand with me)!


*Image courtesy of fashionsquad.com.  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

Topnotch Topshop

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It’s been a while since we’ve last visited one of our most coveted online shops: Topshop.  So we decided to head on over there (oh my God the online traffic was hell).  Once we arrived, we couldn’t decide which category to start with, too many choices, too little cyber time.  Since it’s still winter in most of the world (sorry Aussies), we thought we’d show you our fave cold weather choices.  Honestly, there’s a few more items we couldn’t fit, so try heading there yourself.  Just remember to visit before rush hour *wink wink*.


*Images courtesy of topshop.com.  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

The Perfect New Years Outfit

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Shop here.

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