Um… WHAT???

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Okay things are getting a bit awkward when you wanna smack a designer on the side of the head and yell “What the *#!& were you thinking???”  Especially when it’s a reputable brand like Dior!  What is happening to the fashion world these days?  Are they underestimating our intelligence and just throwing random ideas out there thinking that we’ll pounce on anything because of the reputable name?  Well… No!  No Dior!  I will not resort to wearing human beings in the heels of my shoes, dangling from my ears, or hung around my neck!  Seriously?  Seriously?


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Kate Lanphear Bracelet Chic

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As soon as this image of Kate’s arm hit the net, bloggers everywhere went crazy.  The studs, silver, jewels, leather and chains are just……we can’t even find the words!  This chic fashion editor is one trendsetter, and we have to admit that since she took over the reigns at the Elle, the mag has seen some great improvements.  Now, back to her wrist: we love.  To get the look:

  1. Kenneth Jay Lane Double Pyramid Cuff
  2. Leila Thin Chain Bangles
  3. Anna Beck Sterling Silver Square with Black Leather Bracelet
  4. Pade Vavra Sapphire Stalatite Ring

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Time for Taylor

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Yes, it’s that time of the week where we feature something Taylor-ageous (Get it?  Taylor+outrageous?  Oh.  Never mind).  At first we thought we’d be tuning into the Rachel Zoe Project to avidly take notes on the stylist’s fashion, only to find ourselves in a trance over her styling associate’s outfits.  Last week, by the way fab episode, we couldn’t help but wonder what bag she was carrying.  A Birkin?  Mullberry?  No ladies, it’s a classic Chanel tote, and it’s just divine.  We never would have picked this bag to be a winner (at least not for someone over the age of 65), but after witnessing it in action on the show, well… the bag deserves its own credit at the end of the episode!  Very chic alternative to the 2 year wait-listed Hermes.

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Jenny’s Sweater

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After posting a little musing about Jenny Humphrey’s new style on Gossip Girl, we were truly surprised by how many of you left comments in admiration of her new look and that hot striped sweater!  Well we did some research and were able to figure it out.  Of course our friends at Singer 22 ended up having it as they are always ‘in the know’ about the latest celebrity pieces.  Anyways, it’s the Jamison Rollins Stripe Wrap Hooded Sweater in Pepper for those of you who’ve been wondering.  Lastly, to make things clear, we never said we hated Jenny’s new style (we actually also L.O.V.E her sweater) but were just wondering what happens in the upcoming episodes to make her go from oh so prep to so grunge.  Guess we’ll all just have to wait and see…


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Cheap Chic: Gucci

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When I saw these Jeffrey Campbell Sistah Sandals I instantly recognized his source of inspiration- Gucci!  Now although some of you are upset by the fact that we encourage you to get similar versions of high fashion items, we Chics have agreed that as long as it’s backed by reputable brands we support it 100%.  We’ll never direct you to a place to get really good fake Guccis or Cuccis (lol), but we’ll always encourage you to look for pieces that are influenced by top designers because it instantly makes them look more expensive.  So when the choice is between $120 and $1295 for a pair of studded sandals that will probably be out the next season, we say go for the steal, enjoy them, and throw them away when the trend gets old because we all know how hard it is to throw away Guccis no matter how tired the trend right? 


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