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Ashlee Simpson


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Cheap Chic a la Marc by MJ

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Peeking at the latest runway show by Mr. Jacobs, I couldn’t help but notice the amount of flannel used.  Whether it was on the male or female models, this ode to the 80s was an obvious inspirational fabric to his less pricey (but still not cheap) Marc by Marc Jacobs line.  After skimming through a third of the images, flashbacks of my GAP fall collection post started flying by, and I remembered spotting an eerily similar dress that could pass as an MJ piece.  For only $58, a fraction of the designer duds, we say steal away!


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Chic Alert: Kate Moss for Topshop AW08

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We’ve reviewed the previous seasons of the infamous model’s line for British retailer Topshop, and they have always been written with a pinch of skepticism. Some pieces were hot, some were simply not. Although photos haven’t yet been released, the wait for her Autumn/Winter line won’t be that long: 9 days and counting. Till then we’ll safely say: mark your calenders and see what awaits you. From the description below, sounds good.  But don’t worry, we promise we won’t sugar-coat our review once the line hits stores and the web!


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Celeb Chic / No, No, No!

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This is a first here for Chic Intuition.  We’ve never combined a Not Chic post with a Celeb Chic post, but if anyone were to inspire it with one outfit, Victoria Beckham sure fits the bill.  Appearing at the release party of her perfume in Manchester, she looked glamorous and divine walking down the red carpet.  But, uh-oh, once she turns around, seems like she had a major catfight (pun intended) with a furry friend!  We can just hear Peta dialing her publicist!!

Body hugging white dress: hot.  Furry backpack: not.


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Dominitrix vs Demure

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