Fringe Benefits

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Please tell us if we’ve gone too crazy for comfort with fringe! Honestly this trend is popping up everywhere and we can’t seem to get enough of it ourselves. So every chance we spot something freaky and fringy we have to inform you guys. Today I received a little gift in my inbox with a tiny thumbnail of this bag, and had to click away. It has two things I’m loving 1) you know what I’m going to say and 2) a pop of color. I love how they took the trend to the next level by adding an unexpected twist of tint. The usual hue suspects of fringe are black, brown and tan, so seeing something unique is great! Get yours here.


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Style Evolution

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Wow!  Things can change a lot in three years!  How amazing do the girls of the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants look at their movie premiere in NY last night?  Absolutely unbelievably amazing!  It’s quite rare when four out of four stars of a movie all end up on the red carpet looking fabulous but in this case the phenomenon has occured.  I love how each girl expresses her individual style making their outfits look natural and effortless.  Their looks are a huge step up from their first movie premiere back in 2005 when their styles were a little less refined and their names a little less known…  They seem to have also learned the art of posing on the red carpet.  Three years has done all four girls a LOT of good :)


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Lovisa Burfitt Chic

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How hot are these wall paintings? If art and fashion were to get married, this would be their offspring… Inspiring. Now excuse me, I’m going to go try and duplicate it onto my bedroom wall.


Restaurant East, Stockholm


H&M Milano


H&M Milano

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Mischa Barton Handbag Collection

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If you’re pretty sick of hearing about celebrities meddling in the fashion industry, then we recommend you skip over this post :) Although we admit to being part of that clique, we couldn’t go without mentioning the latest handbag collection created (designed ?) by Mischa Barton. Her 14 bag collection, inspired by her love of vintage, has a moderate price range of $43 to $323. We applaud her for being one of the few celebs which aim to please the mass market. But, unfortunately the low prices seem to unsurprisingly lead to a low quality collection. We haven’t had the chance to see the bags up close, so we don’t mean fabric/leather quality. We merely feel that the designs could have gone a more innovative way. We felt that déjà vu “been there done that” when looking at the range. Take, for example, the logo of her line. It’s a clover with hearts in the middle. Really? A clover Mischa? How unique of you. It really does stand out among Hedi Klum’s clover for her jewelry line, or Muaawad’s clover for their jewelry line, or Lucky Brand’s clover logo, or marshmallow Lucky charms, or the millions of clover tattoos out there… When the logo seems uninviting, it seems to go downhill from there to us. On a brighter note, we are digging the Fina clutch.


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Treesje Metro Clutch in Real Life

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Remember last month when we had the Treesje Giveaway?  Well, I’m sure most of you forgot about it by now but we were very eager to see if we sent the clutch to a good home.  After receiving photos from Chic Reader Crizelle we can finally put the matter to rest.  Obviously the clutch has gone to a home where it will be worn with style if this picture is any indication.  We love how she paired it with a blazer, floral dress, a belt, and gladiators heels.   This my fellow Chicers is a surefire formula for fashion success…  Bravo Crizelle and congrats!!!


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