Blake Lively Chic

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Omg did you guys see the episode of Gossip Girl last night?  Can you believe Georgina is back? And Nate… wait a second, I didn’t write this to talk about Gossip Girl!  I wanted to discuss Blake Lively’s chic look at a Chanel event.  We love how she always looks sophisticated and fresh in or out of character.  We loved the look so much that we decided to help you guys get your own:


1. BCBG Satin Dress

2. Nina ‘Peppino’ Sandal

*Images courtesy of and their respective links.  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

Chic Interview: Elinkan

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In the mood for some inspiring Blondie-esque fashions? Then check out 17 year old Elin from Sweden. Her style, images, and witty captions (ex: “Oh, how wonderful it was to eat ice cream in the sunshine“) only add to her charm. The mentions of grandma, vintage shopping, and musings under the sun make us wanna go out and buy a flowery cotton dress and roll in the grass. Just because…


Chic Intuition: We noticed you’ve been blogging for almost a year and a half now. Why did you start posting about your day to day outfits and inspiration?
Elin: I think that came quite naturally, since I loved other blogs which did the same, and wanted to try it myself. When I take pictures and make posts I think about what I find inspiring, because that’s the purpose with my blog, to inspire.
Chic Intuition: You sure do pull off a great retro rocker vibe. If we wanted to pull it off, what are the 5 essential elements to a rocker-chic outfit?
Elin: Oh, I don’t really know. Maybe a pair of skinny, stonewashed jeans, an oversize mens t-shirt (which is one of my favorite garments, fits with everything) and a leather jacket. Add a pair of heels, and you’re good to go.
Chic Intuition: The photography on your blog is just fantastic, in fact any one of your posts could easily fit into a NYLON article. Who takes the pictures?
Elin: Thank you! Mostly my adorable little sister (she’s fourteen years old) takes the outfit pictures, but the other pictures I mostly take myself.
Chic Intuition: If you had to choose just ONE element to keep in your wardrobe, what would it be and why?
Elin: It would be either an oversized men’s shirt, or a flower patterned skirt sown in vintage fabric. Both garments can be used in so many different ways.
Chic Intuition: These days, it seems like everyone is into the whole vintage movement, including yourself. Any tips on how to select hot items?
Elin: Well, when I go vintage shopping I usually look out for things that I like, not even thinking about what’s considered fashionable right now. Often I look at things in funny patterns, things that you can’t find anywhere else; patterned dresses, pleated skirts, cute leather shoes, and so on.
When you find, for example, a dress, you shouldn’t worry about it being too long, or maybe a bit too big, because you can easily fix that with the sewing machine at home. I also look out for cute patterned fabrics, which I then sew skirts out of.
Chic Intuition: Where do you see yourself ten years from now? In fashion maybe?
Elin: In ten years I will work as a Industrial designer, maybe designing furniture, clothing or anything else. I’m determined to work as a designer, but I want my job to be versatile.
Chic Intuition: Finally, who’s your biggest style inspiration?
Elin: I have to say Agathe at Stylebytes. Her style is so adorable, and her photographs to. She also has the cutest pet – a little pig!

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

Miranda Kerr Chic

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If you haven’t heard of Miranda Kerr, we are absolutely 100% sure you will. Why?  Well because she’s dating Orlando Bloom of course!  I bet you thought we were going to say something about her being a style-setter, or an up and coming star blah blah blah…  Well we wont say that because we’re not sure but can only say for sure that she looks fabulous in this grey dress, fushia clutch, and nude shoes ensemble.  We decided to do you guys a favor and tone it down a little so that any of you, wherever you live, can don this outfit at a dinner, party, wherever and not look overdone.  Thanks to Asos we were also able to deliver it all on the cheaper side (compared to what she paid for it).  One stop shop!  It feels so good to be back :)


*Images courtesy of and  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc. 

Sweden Street Chic

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We’ve got the sweets for Swedish style and couldn’t resist not sharing this image. Off our previous post of love for Alexander Wang, this girl sure knows how to rock a pair of boy’s trousers. Note: this look only works for the non-curvaceous of the bunch *sigh*. Otherwise, you’ll come out looking like you just bought a pair of pants too big. What you can pull of is the raybans, t-shirt and scarf combo we so admire…

*Image courtesy of and Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

Hot Highs

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I was doing some Topshop surfing (they’ve got a major sale going on btw) when I noticed these new knee high gladiators. Both are really unique and whimsical. I heart. Problem is I just bought myself a pair from here. Dammit! Anyways, for your girls who’d like to divulge:


  1. Fierro High Leg Sandal $99
  2. Fransisco High Leg Sandal $99

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition Inc.

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