Cheap Chic

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I was surfing the internet as usual window shopping and stumbled upon this blouson dress from Marc Bouwer! It’s totally superglam with its trendy sequin and forties flapper look and superflattering with a cut thats not too clingy in all the right spots. Want the same look at a fraction (and I really do mean fraction) of the cost? Check out this dress from White House Black Market. I guess it’s safe to say that us Chics always got your back…


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Fergalicious Chic

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To tell you the truth I don’t usually like Fergie’s taste in clothes but for some reason this ethnic-inspired look struck the right chord with me! By keeping her accessories to a minimum and her hair very natural she really let her hot dress take the much-deserved spotlight. For a similar look, try out this dress from Antik Batik. Make sure to pair it with simple strappy black sandals or even your favorite black stockings and booties. Just remember, keep hair in loose waves and your accessories understated so you can look equally Fergalicious. Its hot hot! Warning: This outfit will not result in the affection of Josh Duhamel!


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Smashbox O-Gloss

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Remember a loooooong time ago when we posted about Smashbox’s O-Glow Blush? The one that “reacts with your personal skin chemistry to turn cheeks the exact color your blush, naturally in just seconds.” Well Smashbox has now come out with a new product called O-Gloss. This one helps transforms your lips into your own custom shade of pink. Amazing huh? Just like having a cosmetics brand design a pink lipgloss just for you! I keep telling myself I have enough makeup but seriously what’s one extra lipgloss? Ah the things we do for vanity…

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Ask Chic: Katherine Heigl’s Sunglasses

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Chic Reader Anna Writes:

In one of your older posts on Katherine Heigl Chic, she’s wearing these great sunglasses. Where can I get the same ones?

Well Anna the sunglasses she is wearing are actually D&G sunglasses and can be purchased here. Lucky for you they are on sale from $330 to $190! Is it me or does it seem like Katherine likes to hold on to her classic pieces instead of constantly going through accessory by accessory like some of her peers? Way to go Katherine!


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No, No, No!

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Can you say metallic overkill? At least now we know that one Star is Blind to think she can get away with this look!


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