Golden Globes 2013 Best Dressed

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golden globes 2013 best dresses

The winning looks of the night consisted of high fashion silhouettes, cutouts, and leather and gold details.

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Zayn Malik’s Style

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After recently becoming a One-Directioner (don’t judge), I couldn’t help but notice the resident bad boy Zayn Malik’s style. I find myself constantly thinking to myself “I wish I had that” or “where did he get his jacket from?” everytime I spot a pic of him out and about. The best thing is that with his perfect mix of retro and rocker chic pieces, it’s actually possible to emulate his style and attain a perfectly chic androgynous look. His go to pieces? Buttery soft leather jackets, graphic tees, military jackets, tribal prints, denim anything, slim fit pants, and lots of layering! Pretty much everything that’s been hot with Street Chic Fashion this season… Check out some of our fave Zayn looks and remember to follow these three rules when copying his style: 1.Go for similar pieces in more feminine silhouettes 2.Add costume jewelry like a statement necklace to soften up the look 3.Top it off with a burgundy pout.  BAM! A surefire recipe for fashion success.

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Victoria Beckham Plum-ing it Out

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victoria beckham coat

She can rock a plum colored coat like no other…

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Demi Lovato X-Factor Finale: Love it or Leave it?

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We were truly digging Demi Lovato’s hair and makeup looks on the X Factor this season.  She kept coming out with hit after hit, and even her apparel choices had us in awe at times, but when we saw her walk down the red carpet we were a bit disappointed.  Don’t get us wrong, we loved her fresh faced look and long locks, but the dress seemed to be a bit understated for the occasion.  We know she probably purposely chose a high street brand so that her fans could relate and purchase the same item, but we felt that a Topshop dress for a finale with millions of views should have been a wowzer.  Something about the color not coming right on camera, something about the cut, something about its length, something about…ugh.  What do you guys think?

demi lovato x factor

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Top Knot It!

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Whether you’re having a bad hair day, or just don’t feel like dealing with your mane, just follow these star’s leads and slick it up and twist.  The hairstyle is so simple yet so stylish.  We’ve been rocking this look with our bib necklaces and a bold pout.  Here’s an easy how to:

  1. Wet the front roots of your hairline back.
  2. Take a dollop amount of wet looking hair gel, and apply evenly around your hairline and to the neckline of your mane.
  3. With a small toothed comb, brush the hair back and up, constantly re-brushing to eliminate snags and bumps.
  4. Take a wide hair band and tie hair into a high ponytail.
  5. Grab the ponytail and move it around your crown, while simultaneously twisting.  Once this is done, secure with bobby pins.
  6. Voila!

*Images courtesy of  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

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