Chic Interview: Soraya Bakhtiar

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It’s been a while since we’ve last interviewed a fashionista, and we feel like we’ve chosen just the right person to break our dry spell. Soraya Bakhtiar, an Iranian/Egyptian who resides in Switzerland has the perfect mixture of eclectic cultures, taste, and fashion know how to fit our chic bill. Her blog is so addictive, we’re sure you will be going back for more once you get a taste of her stylish sensibility

soraya bakhtiar 

Chic Intuition:  We have to start off by saying we were quite impressed with your resume. At just 23 you’ve already conquered the blogosphere while finishing off a Master’s degree in Fashion Journalism. You’ve stated that your ultimate goal is to become a Fashion Editor, how and when did this love for everything style become?

Soraya:  For as long as I can remember. Growing up I was real girly girl and I always had an interest for fashion. Also, I must say that I was lucky enough to be surrounded by many creative personalities in my family and surrounding, which inevitably made me realize that I wanted to be part of it “when I grew up”. I had another blog for two years and shut it down to started my own eponymous blog in May 2012 and decided to put myself forward. Since I’ve moved to London my style really evolved and I feel much more daring today. I’m not scared of mixing prints and textures anymore. Maybe someday I hope to be a fashion or accessories editor, I really enjoyed the experience I had when I worked in magazines like TANK and ELLE UK, but we’ll see – I’m keeping my options open because so far, I never thought that my blog would take me on such an incredible journey.

Chic Intuition:   Anyone that follows your blog knows you have a killer wardrobe (cc: your Givenchy boots #killer). Do you usually plan out your seasonal wardrobe with a must have list or just build it as you go along?

Soraya:  It really depends. Usually I spot key pieces off the runway during fashion week and I know I need to chase them i.e GIVENCHY BOOTS. Otherwise, I just go with the flow and my current cravings and inspiration.

Chic Intuition:   That leads us to our next cliche (but we gotta ask) question. If your house was burning down (God forbid) what 3 items would you grab from your wardrobe and why?

Soraya:  Wow! That’s really a tough one. Honestly, I’m not sure that I would grab things from my wardrobe, because at the end of the day they’re just clothes and you don’t take it with you as they say. I would rather save some sentimental objects like my watch that I received for my 20th birthday (or my Birkin bag), my teddy bear that I’ve had since I was born and some family photo albums. These things are priceless.

Chic Intuition:   Who is your fave fashion designer and why?

Soraya:  I love Alexander Wang for introducing the whole downtown sporty cool look and Phoebe Philo at Celine for her minimalism elegance.

Chic Intuition:   If you hadn’t taken a path in fashion, what other career path would you see yourself in?

Soraya:  I would say a children therapist because I love children and I have a major in Psychology.

Chic Intuition:   From one blogger to another, we know it’s a pretty hectic life to live that needs a ton of dedication. What advice would you give an aspiring blogger?

Soraya:  Be true to yourself and find your niche. Every blogger has their own “specialty” whether it’s stacking up jewelry, mixing prints and textures, or vintage clothes. The sky is the limit.

Chic Intuition:   We all have a little selfish spot where we discover an unknown fashion brand that we keep to ourselves for a while and hope and pray that no one will discover it. Now it’s your time to spill. Fill in the blank: My fave little kept secret I love are clothes by ________.

Soraya:  I never keep secrets but my newest crush is Three Floor.

Chic Intuition:   What was your proudest fashion moment this year?

Every day is a proud moment as I get so much positive feedback but if I had to pick one, it would probably be my photo shoot/ feature in Harper’s Bazaar Arabia in October.

Chic Intuition:   Philosophical question time: to nail art or not to nail art?

Soraya:  Not to nail art. Unless it’s for a special occasion. I usually find nail art quite tacky. I’m more traditional when it comes to my nails, I like them short and glossy. No matte or glitter finish.

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Chic Interview: My Fash Diary

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We’re totally enthralled by our latest Chic Interviewee, she has a wardrobe that makes some of the most stylish girls die of envy.  Twenty-year-old Tala Samman of MyFashDiary is a Syrian who was born in the USA, grew up in Dubai, and now lives in London, talk about major globe trotting!   Keep a close eye on this fashion student, we’re sure she’ll be making her mark on the Fashion World in the near future…

Chic Intuition: What drew us to your blog was two things Tala, your undeniable beauty and your nationality.  It’s so refreshing (and rare) to see an Arab fashionista run a blog.  Tell us how you started.
Tala: Thank you! I’m flattered. I have been a fan of blogs for quite a while (a long way before the whole blogging craze begun) I wanted to start my own to share my love for fashion and document my exciting fashion experiences but needed to find the right time for the commitment.

Chic Intuition: Anyone who follows My Fash Diary knows that you have your place in the fashion industry. Your mother is the face of Nina Ricci in the Middle East.  Do you have any plans to represent a brand in the future?
Tala: Never say Never! :)

Chic Intuition: Complete this sentence: “My proudest moment in fashion was….”
Tala:  “getting assigned a front row seat at Chanel SS11 show in Paris.”

Chic Intuition: How surreal was it to meet Christian Louboutin?  Did he live up to his God’s gift to women everywhere status?!
Tala: He is such an interesting and talented man, and very down to earth!

Chic Intuition: Philosophical Q time: How flared is too flared?
Tala: When you start resembling a clown…

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Chic Interview: stylestalker

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Seems like we’re on a high for anything Aussie these days, so we decided to interview one half of Australian fashion label stylestalker.  It’s fresh, stylish, and most importantly-reasonably priced.  The force behind the line?  Two young friends, Rachel and Sue-Ann, self-confessed style addicts.  “We were drawn together by our mutual addiction to ‘stylestalking’; scouring magazines, trawling the web and traveling to all parts of the world to devour all things style. We decided to create a label to satisfy our fashion cravings.” Take a look at what Sue-Ann had to say below:

Chic Intuition: Our love for Aussie designers is growing by the day. The amount of talent there is overwhelming. What got you into clothing design?
Sue-Ann: My best friend Rachel and I were obsessed with clothes but couldn’t find anything we wanted to wear which was within our price point. So we decided to create our own. I think that’s why there is so much great designs coming out of Australia, cause you just need a great idea and anything is possible.

Chic Intuition: Coming up with ‘new’ creations in fashion can sometime be quite an aggravating experience. Where do you two find inspiration when you reach a dry spell in design?
Sue-Ann: We find blogs really inspiring. The way that girls put stuff together and add their own little touches the world of fashion blogs is pretty amazing our faves are,,

Chic Intuition: Please tell us about your latest collection.
Sue-Ann: Our latest collection (will be on the website in July) is called “wipeout” and it is inspired by the fun surf beach culture of Australia. Lots of easy shapes, interesting dye’s and killer LBD’s

Chic Intuition: Anything in store for the future of Style Stalker? Where do you see yourselves ten years from now?
Sue-Ann: Not too sure, hopefully a shop somewhere fabulous…

*Images courtesy of  Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Chic Interview: Christeric

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Our next interviewee is bad-ass without the attitude, edgy with a twist of girlish demure.  Christine resides in LA (doesn’t it seem like all stylish bloggers do?) but her loyal fans are from every corner of the globe.  She has a degree in fashion, styles, designs, and recently launched her own brand!  Talk about an impressive resume for this 25 year old.  Check out what she had to say to Chic Intuition and then strut on over to her blog.

Chic Intuition: You do a little styling and designing here and there.  Talk about a dream job.  How’d you get into it?
Chris: I studied at a 2 year fashion design school straight out of high school and got a design job right when I graduated.  So at 20, I started my design career.  Now that I’m 25, I’m venturing into focusing on my own brands such as UNIF (I run with with my boyfriend Eric) and PlayMe Jeans (I own with Eric and my friend Tom from Joyrich)  Styling is something I absolutely love but isn’t really my focus.  I usually get referred to a job and am always down to do it!

Chic Intuition: Seems like you love vintage/flee market shopping.  What’s your FAVE purchase to date?
Chris: Ooo..that is going to be a tough decision since 75% of my wardrobe is vintage.  I  guess my most recent fave flea market purchase is a camo marijuana t-shirt I got last week at the Rose Bowl flea market!

Chic Intuition: We have something in common: our obsession with the Wangster.  We know what we love about him, but why don’t you shower our readers with a little Top 5 Reasons I Heart Alexander?

1.  He’s young so his fresh take on simple designs comes so naturally and un-contrived.

2.  Obviously, I love him because he is brutally talented in knowing what looks good.  He’s one of the few designers where I can look at the whole collection and “get” why he does each piece.  He is so on point.

3.  I appreciate his ability to make fashion forward items that are still basic enough to appeal to a wide audience.  His stuff is so wearable and likable because he doesn’t get too crazy and avant-garde.  Sometimes designs get so overwhelming that it ends up not being wearable or affordable.

4.  The ingenious ways he plays with texture…like making leather look like denim or mixing french terry with mesh or corduroy with leather. The list goes on but I really do appreciate his play on textures.

5.  He is SUPER nice and sweet when I met him once.

Chic Intuition: What was the best thing to have happened to you as a result of blogging?
Chris: The best thing to come out of the blog is  me actually being motivated to document my interests/outfits/inspirations from this time in my life.  Before the blog I was carelessly living without archiving/documenting anything and it got me scared that I would forget when I become an old lady!!

Chic Intuition: Name 3 items you’ve been eying as your next fashion purchases for summer.
Chris: I’ve been on a mad woman hunt for the perfect tan/nude platforms, a sheer nude over-sized button up, and a light weight sheer trench.  Lots of sheer, I know!

Chic Intuition: Tell us a little about Play Me Jeans.
Chris: PlayMe Jeans is a bottoms brand I launched in Feb with Eric and friend Tom from Joyrich.  We will be in stores July.  Some online retailers will include Karmaloop, NastyGal, and Revolve Clothing.  Check out the styles at:!

Chic Intuition: How in the world do you get your hair to have that perfect beachy wave look?!  Jealous!
Chris: Lol…I have a digital perm.  Sounds weird and tech-y but apparently it’s just a less abrasive way to get a wave perm.  It makes my life so easy; my hair is a wash n’ go situation!

Chic Intuition: Philosophical question time: how many Wang bags are too many to own?
Chris: As long as you like something and have the means to buy it, there should be no limit!  If I could afford to, I would buy many more Wang bags! :)

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Chic Interview: Le Flassh

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Our latest interviewee hails from ohsofaraway&fabulous Australia.  Though twenty-one year old Dajana is a student, she can school anyone in the class of style.  One look at her blog and you’ll be hooked to her edgy coolness, we guarantee.  This Fashion Styling student is sure to have quite an impressive career in the future, and we’re willing to put our money on it.  Take a look at our interview and then prance on over to her blog for more fun…

Chic Intuition: Living in Australia, how does it feel having your seasons flipped with almost the rest of the world?  Do you feel tired of the trends after seeing them online in other countries months before you get to wear them?  Or does it work the other way around?
Dajana: It does make me want winter when in Australia we are in the middle of summer and all I want to do is wear layers and all the new winter trends but in a way it’s also good because I get to see what i will be wearing before hand, I get inspired so when winter arrives here I already know what I want to be wearing.

Chic Intuition: Ok, so what’s with the bowler hats?  You sure can work them!
Dajana: Haha, that’s so weird you even ask that because I just got my first hat two weeks ago, I used to just borrow my brothers for some of the photos I took. I was never really a hat person at all but I’m really liking it now! I don’t think the hats I have been wearing are bowler though, bowler hats are more circle and smaller.

Chic Intuition: Diet coke for breakfast?  Please elaborate.
Dajana: On that day I happened to grab a mini diet coke can from the fridge and I just ran out the door to do whatever, so when I was taking photos that day I had the can with me and it was visible in the photos so I thought I might add it to the post. But obviously you should eat something along with the diet coke people!

Chic Intuition: Online shopping: annoying or awesome?
Dajana: I love it. So addictive. There’s just something about browsing online and then confirming your order and waiting patiently for the mail man every day. So much more exciting than going to the store. Who doesn’t love receiving packages?

Chic Intuition: For someone looking into starting a blog, what advice would you give them.  Ours would be: don’t underestimate the time/effort it takes to get a blog rolling.
Dajana: I totally agree with your advice, it does take a lot of time and effort. People ask me this a lot actually and most people are just hurrying to get more followers, to get noticed, to get free things…but seriously that shouldn’t be your main reason for starting a blog. You can’t get sucked into all that. Just start slow, post original content, things you love and want to share with others, there are so many blogs out today and everyone is posting the same photos, be different, stand out. Enjoy it!

Chic Intuition: We have to admit that we have a huge obsession with Aussie designers.  What kills us is they don’t get the recognition they deserve.  Why do you think that is?
Dajana: You know I think these days they are getting a lot more recognition than what they used to get. Which is great. There are so many amazing Australian designers out there and they should be getting way more recognition but i think it’s already happening.

Chic Intuition: And finally, philosophical question time.  How torn and worn is too torn and worn?
Dajana: If it’s falling apart at the seams and making you look like a homeless dude it’s probably time to chuck it out.

*Images courtesy of Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

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