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 Zimmermann Celestial Tucked One Piece Swimsuit

If summer was a swimsuit this is how it would look.


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Chanel Couture Spring 2013

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The Chanel Couture Spring 2013 show was, as expected, a brilliant combination of showmanship, design, and unexpected fashionable surprises. Karl Lagerfeld is this generation’s fashion maestro and where his wand points, the fashion masses are sure go. This year the clothes didn’t disappoint, but what literally tore my heart into pieces were these lace over the knee boots. Jaw-dropping and a little heartbreaking and maybe the best thing since sliced bread? This shoe-whore is definitely head over heels in love. So I decided to write a little  vow to these Chanel boots and it goes something like this- “I will get you. If it means spending every last dime in my savings account, I will get you. I will get you and I will love you for the rest of my life so help me God as long as we both shall live…”

chanel couture 2013

*Images courtesy of style.com. Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

Charlotte Olympia on Sale

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To say I’m a shoe addict would be an understatement. I have an unexplained love affair with shoes and the quirkier the better in my book. Well, what quirkier shoes are there than Charlotte Olympia? I have been coveting a pair for the past two years but keep getting sidetracked by other brands with better deals in terms of the price-point. Now that the Outnet is featuring Charlotte Olympia I think I will finally make the leap. The only question is which do I choose? Check out my faves below and head over here to get a pair of your own. At 60% off who can resist?

Charlotte Olympia on sale

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Isabel Marant Sneakers

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isabel marant Bekkett

The shoes that the whole world is swooning over. Now available at Net-a-Porter. Grab these Isabel Marant Bekkett suede and leather high-top wedge sneakers while they’re still there…Hurry!

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Vita Feda Titan Bracelets

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Vita Feda Titan Bracelets

Move over Hermes cuff, you’ve got competition! Bloggers, celebrities, and stylists galore have dubbed these Vita Fede Titan Bracelets the next big thing. Whether you are a fashionista or just a regular Joe Shmoe, if you’ve been anywhere near Instagram these days, then you have definitely seen these babies pop-up a few times on the popular feed. (follow us on Instagram!!! @chicintuition) Lucky for you we’ve found a gorgeous selection with a new precious stone-tipped option.  Check ’em out below and head over to Shopbop to see more. We can almost guarantee that with these babies people will ‘Remember the Titans”! (so corny we know but we couldn’t help it ;))

Top to bottom:

*Images courtesy of jewelsnob.com. Graphics courtesy of Chic Intuition LLC.

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